Some Frequent Questions


What is the Coronavirus Crisis Deal?

We understand that 2020 has and will continue to be a challenge to all of us in the manufacturing and allied industries. We designed this new site during the Coronavirus Crisis Lockdown and we have a special registration offer - All users registering on the site during 2020 will benefit from a special privilege membership.

This offer carries the usual small registration admin fee of £10.00 VAT but there will be no standard listing fees or final sales value commission for the first 120 days of membership.

How Secure Is

The website has been designed from the outset to be GDPR compliant as outlined in our detailed Privacy Policy.

The details we hold are those that are asked of users on our registration form. No financial details are recorded or held on our servers other than the information on member controlled account section.

Our servers are UK operated and located in Europe and the USA and apply the highest industry security standards.

How does work?

After working in the Industrial Supply Chain for nearly 50 years, we noticed that there was no online market place that is dedicated to companies and operators in the industrial machinery sector.

Normal sale channels for surplus industrial equipment involve part exchange, asset sale through dealers and trade sales, user to user, inter group or trade auction sales.

We built to serve all users so they can present and offer their surplus machinery and equipment directly to other users as well as the dealer trade.

Dealers and Traders are also equally invited to use the site to present their stock with us by offering unique sales packages for that section of the market.

Which of  the Sales Methods is Best?

We looked at the best way to get maximum return from surplus sales and came up with three of the best solutions for this marketplace.

Auction Listing - the best way if the seller is not sure of what they have and don’t know what it is worth. List as an auction and the market will help you find the right sales level for the asset at that time.

Product Listing - This is a fixed price listing and linked to a shopping cart makes it ideal for the smaller priced items that buyers may buy more than one item from the same seller as is often the case with tooling and spares. Combining the purchases from the same seller will be a useful feature for buyers and sellers alike.

Classified Adverts - These are ideal when you know how much you want for an item. As much detail as you like, accompanied by up to 12 images give your item great impact. The adverts can run as long as you like on a recurring listing charge. This style of presentation is liked by the trade seller and new items are well placed here as thee is a forward availability schedule offered.

What are Stores all about?

Stores are ideal for large sale events, dealers with a large number of items to present and regular sellers wishing to offer their items across the site in one place.

Stores can be built by the member to act like a mini-website with its own URL that can be linked to external communications. Corporate Logos and descriptions can be added along with personalised categories for the store.

Stores are offered in 3 great packages offering terrific value.

Basic with 100 listings at £25.00 per month

Premium with 500 listings at £50.00 per month

Ultimate with 5000 listings at £100.00 per month with Featured Store option included.

Why do you charge a registration fee?

We are always conscious of site and member security and this is part of our 3 tier security pillars.

General visitors to machines online are free to browse all parts of the site and see all content. When a visitor decides to sell or buy and item they are asked to register by completing the registration form

The first of the 3 tiers is that all buyers and sellers have their registration verified.

Second, a small registration fee is asked to open their account. The amount is taken but the same amount is automatically credited to their account to be used against future fees or charges. So effectively there is no charge.

Thirdly the final tier is that all items for sale are approved by our “machineteam” before the item is posted live on the site.

How do Fees Work?

Once a user is registered and has a verified account our fee structure applies to listing placed on the site. Basic listings are free of charge with enhancements such as home page featuring attract an extra charge. Final Sales Value Fees (commission) are taken as a percentage of the sale. All fees are clearly detailed in our Fee Listing. Including the Coronavirus Crisis Deal open to all our visitors until the end of 2020.

Accounts are processed on 30 day account basis and the account invoice is presented to the user account via the registered email address. Payment can be made via the PayPal Payment Gateway. In certain circumstances alternative payment methods may be accepted on application.

Why are buying and selling fees for items up to £500 free of charge?

At the outset we believed that could offer companies and machinery users in the industrial marketplace better value for money. So the site was built round that perspective.

  1. Effectively free to register.
  2. There are lots and lots of items in factories that have no further use for their owners but they will still have a value to someone. 
  3. We would like to encourage the recycling and recirculation of the items so offer the machines as a platform for companies to do that free of charge.

All other standard listings are also free of charge. extra enhancements that can be added to a standard listing like home page featured do carry a small extra charge.

Our Sales Value Fees (commissions) are ground breaking in their value too. Traditionally the seller and/or the buyer had to foot the commission fees often at eyewaterinw percentages. machines challenges that landscape by reducing the overall rate charged and splitting it fairly between the buyer and the seller.

How do I pay for Items?

Payment for items purchased is between the buyer and seller and not the responsibility of

Do you offer delivery?

We are not involved in the sales or delivery process of goods. Our role is that of sales facilitator to start the transaction between seller and buyer.

What Support can you offer members

We are always willing to help our members and they can contact us through details in the help section or sending an email through the contact form.

Is there a user guide?

Yes, we have produced a user guide that is available to members on request and a link will be sent to members on approval.

We hope we have covered the most obvious questions that you may have but you are welcome to drop us a question on the contact form and we’ll get back to you. Include your telephone number and we’ll call you back.

The “machineteam" look forward to welcoming you as a new member